In the name of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irenaeus, His Grace Bishop Remission Sir Andrei attended, on March 10th 2013, a concert of "Talija Art Company" in Sava Center, Belgrade.    Bishop had been invited by artistic director and choreographer Sir Dragan Pantelic and Priest Predrag Prodic, the elder of the church of the Holy Martyr Prince Lazar in Zemun Polje, addressed to mark the 15th anniversary of their ensemble.   

On stage, there were over three hundred dancers in beautiful costumes with a great energy, smiles and with the top stage movements thrilled the audience that filled to capacity Sava Center. The song was reverberated. Combination of dances from Serbia, Leskovac, Guca Gora, Sarajevo Fields, Upper Kosaonica, Toplica, Old Serbia and Vlaska, Russia dances, Vranje and Sopske dances were entertaining their audience, which responded with a big ovation. - "This is the best thing that Serbia has that I've ever seen on one stage", said Bishop Andrei impressed by what he experienced.

Talija Art Company has been performing for 15 years in our country and abroad, all with partnerships with the Serbian Orthodox Church and its priests. With 300 members annually they hosts over 400 concerts, of which the majority with our Orthodox Churches around the country and the world. In the years of 2010 and 2012 they were guests at the festival in North Carolina,  and then continued tour in churches in Cleveland, Orlando , St.  Petersburg, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Miami. They have performed with our church in Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Serbian "opanak" danced in China, Taiwan, Dubai, Tenerife, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Canada, Tunisia and other Balkan countries.

Ensemble Director Dragan Pantelic is the founder of four folk dance festivals in Italy, Greece and Spain.    After the concert, a cocktail party was organized in the gala hall of Sava Center, at which the artistic director presented recognitions to those who are most responsible for its success, cooperation and the existence of  Talija . Among the first to receive the recognition was the priest Predrag  Prodic, elder of the temple of the Holy Martyr Prince Lazar in Zemun Polje ,  who contributed for many years in efforts to hold concerts in country and  abroad , especially in North America . His children - Jana (13), Lazar (11) and Martha (5) - are all Talija members. The ensemble, in cooperation with our church, is planning a tour in 2014 on the only continent where  they have not yet performed, Australia.

Deacon Dragan S. Tanasijević

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