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Gypsies Reunion

Long time ago gypsy tribes have set off from their homeland Egypt in search for better life. Wandering around the world they accepted dances and customs of the people they met but they kept their free spirit and gave their unique seal to them. After long roaming tribes were gathering on Gypsies Reunions where they presented folklore of the people with whom they lived, trough songs and dances..

Gypsies Love Dance

The way of life made gypsy woman very brave and aggressive, so if she was in love with someone there was nothing that could stop her to seduce the man she loved. On the other hand, harsh and proud gypsy couldn’t always withstand to her charms.

Hungarian Dances

Dances from this region faithfully describe passionate character of its habitants. Girls impress you with their appearance and boys with their skillful dancing, which are accompanied with the best-known Hungarian melodies.

Russian Dances

Wandering trough steppes gypsies accepted romantic melodies and attractive dances from Russian people interpreting them in their own way.

Dances From Near East

n this separate world, the most beautiful girls spent their lives in harems entertaining their masters with belly dancing and other seductive dances. Men have spent most of their time warring, and between wars they were enjoying in their harems.

Spanish Dances

Temperament Spanish girls takes you in the past in the time of Corida with their intriguing dance, original costumes and with the sound of castanets.

Dances With Whips

Hasty, rude but very passionate gypsies often solved rivalry about girl by fighting with horsewhips, in which they were very skilled because of their nomadic way of life.


Romanian Dances

Gentle dancing of the girls is interrupted with fast and interesting men dance that contains very complicated quick steps in incredibly fast rhythm, which characterize this region.

Zorba’s Dance

One of the most famous Greek melodies completed with interesting choreography, which contains all elements of Greek folklore: sadness, beauty, vitality, tragedy and happiness.

Gypsies Encampment

Although they have accepted foreign customs during the centuries of wandering, gypsies retained a lot of their ancient rituals like foretelling the future from the palm. Also, one of the customs was the way of choosing a new tribes king, namely king has always been chosen in fight with knives between the two strongest rivals. The winner gets the title of the king and all privileges that goes with it, like taking the most beautiful girl from the tribe for a wife. The great fiesta followed the act of enthroning the king where the most attractive dances were performed.


Festival Jarochos

Veracruz, Mexican state, is the world well-known, not only for the largest commercial and naval port, but also for the traditional festivals and ceremonies that are characterized by a colorful folklore: Game of inhabitants of Veracruz, the so-called "Jarochos" in rhythm "guateque" and "La Bamba" and the sounds of harps and "requintos" (stringed instrument similar to a guitar but smaller in size, with four strings), a unique tourist attraction.


Federal State of Mexico, Jalisco, located in the west of the country, on the Pacific coast, and is known for tequila and folk songs so-called "rancheras", such as "Mama Juanita" and "La Negra" (Brunette), performed by famous mariachi in ceremonial costumes and the typical "sombrero" hats.



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